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Mental Empowerment Workshops for the Workplace

The World Health Organization states, "Workplaces that promote mental health and support people with mental disorders are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and benefit from associated economic gains."

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis that analyzed 50 different studies showed that occupational e-mental health interventions help improve employee anxiety, stress management, burnout, and overall mental wellbeing.

When people feel good, they perform better at work. 

Workshop Options:

All workshops presented below are evidence-based and educate the participants on practical tools and tips to help them master their mental health.

Workshop 1: Managing Stress & Building Resiliency at Work

Participants current perception of stress will be challenged and they will be taught how to form a positive relationship with stress. They will also be walked through 5 practical coping strategies to help them expand their capacity to cope with stress during their workday.

Workshop 2: How to Build Better Boundaries & Reduce Overwhelm

Participants will learn the importance of setting boundaries and the 5 main categories of boundaries that exist. They will be taught the most effective strategies to set boundaries so that they can improve their efficiency and focus on the tasks that matter the most.

Workshop 3: How to Prevent Burnout (+ tips on recovering)

Participants will learn about the signs that indicate they are reaching burnout, and the effect it has on their mental and physical health. They will be taught 5 key strategies to help them prevent burnout in the workplace, along with tips on how to recover if they feel like they are already burnt out.

The Value:

  • Participants will learn practical tools and strategies to help them master their mental health. 

  • These workshops will help to improve employee efficiency and work ethic. 

  • You will receive a flyer to promote the workshop in your community.

  • Participants will receive a summary e-book of the workshop and a mental health resources sheet they can turn to for more support. 


"Dr. Bisleen Attli was a guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Brampton in February 2022. She held a Workshop, just what we needed as a Club during these Covid times. Dr. Attli did such a wonderful job that at the end of the meeting members did not want to leave. They had many questions for Dr. Attli who answered them in a very smart and confident manner. There were comments from members that it was one of the best Workshops they have ever attended. Thank you Dr. Attli for making a difference in Rotary."

~ Rita Goyle 

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“Mental health is just as important as physical health and deserves the same quality of support.” ~ Kate Middleton

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