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[ Healthy Brain Blueprint Protocol ]

The Healthy Brain Blueprint Protocol is a personalized roadmap to optimal brain health that's as unique as you are.


Over the course of three months, you'll work closely with Dr. Bisleen Attli, ND, diving deep into both the mindset and physical factors that may be contributing to your current symptoms.

This isn't just about putting a band-aid on your issues. It's about uncovering the root causes and developing targeted strategies to address them head-on. Dr. Attli will be your guide, providing support and expertise every step of the way.

What sets this protocol apart is its structured approach, honed through the experiences of countless women who have walked this path before you.

By addressing the underlying issues and building strategies around them, you can expect to see some truly remarkable changes.

Ready to take control of your brain health and reclaim your vitality? Join us on this journey to discover the power of addressing root causes and building a foundation for lasting wellness.

Phase 1

Master Your Past

During this phase, we'll kickstart your treatment plan by exploring the influence of your past on your current mood symptoms. We'll dive into your mindset, unraveling the threads of your childhood narratives, your guiding principles, and any limiting beliefs you may hold. Simultaneously, we'll evaluate your body, examining your current lifestyle strategies and conducting comprehensive bloodwork to gain deeper insights.

Phase 2

Master Your Present

You'll discover effective coping strategies to empower your mindset, granting you mastery over your thoughts and emotions, fostering a sense of control in the present. Additionally, you'll be equipped with tailored strategies to enhance your physical well-being. From optimizing your diet, sleep, and movement routines to incorporating supplements that support overall body health, you'll embark on a holistic journey towards vitality and balance.

Phase 3

Master Your Future

This phase is dedicated to establishing sustainable mental wellness strategies. You'll acquire techniques to dismantle self-sabotaging patterns, empowering you to maintain a positive outlook regardless of the challenges you encounter, nurturing both your mindset and body for lasting well-being.

Phase 4

Mastery Maintenance

Life inevitably presents challenges, and that's perfectly normal. Prioritizing self-awareness and seeking support are crucial. These annual mastery maintenance check-ins are designed to support your consistency and resilience, ensuring you bounce back even stronger from any hurdles that may arise along your journey.

Mind-Body Connection:
Uncovering the Physical Root Causes of Mood Disorders

Gain valuable insights into the root causes of mood issues and learn how to spot the warning signs for each root cause. This e-book is designed to help you take control of your well-being!

mind-body connection e-book.png
Image by Clay Banks

Your brain is the CEO of your body, give it the executive treatment it deserves.

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