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Three Ways to Step Into Your Peak Potential and Heal Your Brain Health

The clock is ticking, and the hour has dawned upon us—your peak potential is knocking on the door. It is time for you to step into your peak potential, and finally become the “it” girl you’ve idolized on Pinterest boards and saved Instagram posts. 

Stepping into your peak potential is an absolute necessity in navigating life. Reaching your peak potential is a journey that allows you to work with your body—your triggers, cravings, and patterns—as opposed to against it. This is the most efficient, and amazing way to optimize your time and capacity while enhancing your relationships, career, and self-perception. 

My name is Dr. Bisleen Attli—a Naturopathic Doctor certified in Cognitive-Behavioural therapy who has coached countless women in stepping into their peak potential and optimizing their brain health. I’m going to do the same with you.

In this article, I will share my three personal methods that helped me achieve my peak potential. If you’d prefer to listen to my three tips, check out the video here

Step 1: Learn who you are and what makes you tick.

We simply cannot thrive and attain new levels of success without beginning to understand who we are, our limits, strengths, and all that makes us act and feel. Without learning more about ourselves, we pursue careers and goals that don’t necessarily resonate with our highest selves. We push ourselves to fit into moulds or behaviours inconsistent with our body’s needs and wants. 

Before I ventured into other pathways to attain my peak potential and optimize my brain health, I needed to really know myself. Every single quiz, test, personality questionnaire—I did. I asked myself what my triggers are, what makes me happy, and why I react in certain ways. Every challenge and reaction is an excuse to get deep and learn who we really are. 

I’ve always had big dreams, and with that, I constantly fall into the habit of over-scheduling my calendar. And so, I decided to learn more about myself and my limits. I asked myself, “how long can I go without needing a break?”

The answer is two hours and so I began scheduling two hour blocks of work with thirty minute breaks in between. 

Learning more about myself saves me the time and frustration associated with burnout. When I learnt how to optimize and enhance my time-management skills based on my needs and abilities, I was able to become 10x more efficient and productive. 

It is your responsibility to do trial and error to find what is best for your body and mind. Don’t simply diet or adhere to a lifestyle because your favourite celebrity is advertising it, rather, do some research, see what works for you, and inquire with your practitioner if you’re planning on making major lifestyle changes.

Conducting these self-experiments on your own is a monumental step towards achieving your peak potential, but having the support of a practitioner who understands and is able to guide you towards your peak potential will inevitably make the goal more attainable. As part of my commitment to women’s brain health, the 30-minute brain health assessment can allow for us to connect on a deeper level. Together we can utilize the five stage Healthy Brain Blueprint Program to help you unlock your highest self and step into your peak potential. 

When you learn who you are on a deeper level, you learn how to optimize your brain health to efficiently perform in all aspects of your life. 

The Hot Girl Brain Club is the most amazing source of community available through my services. It is a space where women come together, think critically about their pasts in order to implement healthy coping mechanisms and awareness in dealing with our future. The group is filled with supportive women who take an active role in the healing process of themselves and others. If you’re interested in joining, shoot me a message here

Step 2: Become aware of what is happening in your body.

Listen, I love a good cookie like everyone else. I also crave chips and ice cream, and maybe even a whole box of chocolates. However, I know that filling my body with nothing but junk food will ruin my brain health. 

Indulging in sweets and junk food actually makes you feel worse—and not just physically. Eating nutritious foods provides your brain and body with the right nutrients to feel good, and feel happy. Stripping your body from healthy fats and nutrients encourages poor brain health, and all of a sudden we feel a lot more anxious and depressed than we did before we ate the whole pizza on our own. 

Too many of us are driven by our taste buds rather than what our body actually needs. After eating junk food all day, we still find ourselves asking, “why don’t I have any energy?” “Why do I feel like absolute crap?”

The saying “your body is a temple” is a cliché, and yet true in every sense of the word. We are what we eat, and what we eat becomes who we are. Providing our body with the right foods will allow us to optimize our brain health, so that we may function efficiently and think clearly when new challenges arise. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating junk food in moderation. A cookie cannot kill you, but it's best to plan your larger unhealthy meals at times that work best for your schedule and tasks. For example, I won’t eat a huge burger and fries for lunch because I know I’ll feel sluggish and unable to work. Rather, I’ll eat the burger at dinner so that my work day is over. 

Or, if I want to drink, I’m definitely not going to drink the night before work or an important event. I’ll time my drinking around my plans so I feel fully capable of my tasks the next day. My goals come first, and finding balance between work and pleasure is essential. 

Step 3: Remind yourself of what is in front of you.

Remaining present is by far one of the most important principles of achieving inner peace and stepping into your peak potential. It’s important to ask ourselves what we are doing in the moment, and what exists right in front of us. 

We constantly search for that next hit of dopamine when in reality, we need to practise mindfulness and ground ourselves in the now. 

As human beings, we are constantly stuck in the past or ruminating about the future when all we have is the present moment. The past is done and the future does not exist—peak potentials are only in the present. 

Deep breathing, yoga, and qigong are all amazing techniques and activities we can incorporate into our lifestyles to practise mindfulness—this is how we gain control over our life.

Presence is control, and with being present, we are encouraging healthy brain practices to step into our peak potential. It is only by grounding ourselves in the moment that we can optimize our lifestyles to match our big goals and dreams.

Within this article we discussed my top three ways to step into your peak potential. Choosing to learn who you are on a deeper level, managing the quality of your food and drink, as well as practising mindfulness can supercharge you into your peak potential. It is only when we strive towards greatness for the mind and body that we start seeing greatness in our careers and relationships. 

A well-balanced and informed practitioner can make this new You all the more attainable. At the Women’s Brain Health Clinic in Ontario, I provide a free 30-minute consultation open to all clients worldwide. My services are merely a click away, and together, we can understand, experiment, and maintain the lifestyle and brain health you seek.

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