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5 Signs Your Brain is Inflammed

The word “inflamed” might cause some concern and anxiety. Couple that with “brain”, and you can’t help but panic, thinking that you’re on a one-way track to the hospital. No one wants to think that their brain could be swollen, throbbing, and inflamed. But the truth is that, it can be! So many of us aren't aware of the fact that our brain can be inflamed and the signs to look out for.

Brain inflammation can actually start in the gut. Gut cells are lined together in something called tight junctions that hold them in place. This is to ensure that pathogens do not cross this barrier into the gut.

However, when you’re stressed, and don’t have the best diet, sometimes these tight junctions loosen and allow pathogens to worm their way to the other side. Then, as a result of these stressors and a poor diet, inflammatory cytokines, which are stress signals, cross the blood brain barrier and initiate inflammation in your brain.

While everything described here sounds scary, it is important to reach out to your practitioner, or book a free 30 min consultation with me by CLICKING HERE so that you are receiving the proper guidance to living a happy and healthy life while optimizing your brain’s potential for wellness.

Here are the five signs your brain may be inflamed.

Sign #1: Headaches

May people experience headaches. What's more important to look at than the headache itself, is why you experience it. Brain inflammation can actually be a reason behind your headaches.

Sign #2: Fatigue

Maybe you’re sleeping twelve hours, resting at home all day and yet you still feel sluggish, tired, and like you just need to go back to bed. This might signal that there is a greater issue making you feel so exhausted.

Sign #3: Memory Struggles

Yesterday you forgot your sister’s birthday, today you forgot where you put your keys, tomorrow you might forget to pick up eggs on your way home—all of these scenarios, though they seem small in theory, might signal that it is time to inquire why you've become so forgetful. It is not surprising that being forgetful can make life harder and put strain on your relationships, so forgetting things is not something to ignore.

Sign #4: Mood Swings

If you find yourself feeling calm and happy one moment, and angry the next, it might be time to ask for help. Moving between extreme intensities of emotions can be exhausting. This can also point towards inflammation in the brain. Even hypersensitivity, coupled with other symptoms, might indicate that it's time to ask your practitioner questions to dig deeper on this topic.

Sign #5: Insomnia

Not sleeping at all can be just as frustrating as feeling the need to sleep at all times. You can’t function without sleep. It is necessary for your brain and body to create and maintain essential tools to keep you alert, in control of your emotions, and merely just function in your day-to-day.

It's important to note that although the reasons above can point to brain inflammation, it can also point to a host of other reasons as well! As always, consult with your doctor and know that you can reach out to me too!

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